Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sexy At Its Best.

I will try and keep this short, because I know I will end up typing at least 2 paragraphs. All I have to say, is that Charlize Theron is the sexiest women alive to me.

She just represents sexiness, class, elegance and power. Her lips and those eyes of hers! COT DAMN SON! The first time I saw this commercial, it completely brought my attention to her, just too beautiful. Her dialogue, the setting, the music, the way she moves, just perfect.

When I worked at Banana Republic, I had a picture of her Jadore by Dior fragrance ad on my locker door, which my co-worker tore out from her Elle magazine for me. So whenever I had a frustrating day at work, I would open my locker up, and Charlize would be right there to let me know that everything is fine, because she is so damn fine, hahaha!

For some reason Blogger wont let me embed this video, but Im sure you will have plenty of effor to copy and paste this bad boy. So enjoy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Full Proof Potential.

This right here, is a full proof video showing the exceptional power and quality of Subaru's All Wheel Drive system.....the best! I believe there is no other AWD system better than Subaru's, I would have to say it is 1 step higher than the GT-R's 4-wheel capabilities. HARD!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Damn google.

I dont know if this was photo-shopped or not, because when I tried it didnt work, but damn, this is pretty funny.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good God!

This is how I like my vehicles. If I had an S14, this is the concept I would go with, this is how I like 'em, plain and simple. All me baby. I am in love with this color. Mos Def.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ninja Assassin Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be one of the best days of my life. Tomorrow I will be attending the premiere of Ninja Assassin. My friend Tien invited me to a special premiere in San Francisco, and the best part of it is, I will see my favorite music entertainer, Bi (Rain), the main star of the film. And another great thing about it is, I will get to attend the Q&A for it, which will inlcude of course, Bi!!! Basically I am super juiced about this, and really nervous. I sure hope I get to shake his hand and take a picture with him.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tag Heuer: Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2

Once again, another beautiful piece from my favorite watch company, Tag Heuer.
This one comes from their Grand Carrera collection, this is the Calibre 17 RS2 model. The case is made of stainless steel with a titanium carbide coating, which makes it scratch resistant. The watch strap is made of alligator leather.
And like all Tag Heuer watches, 100 meter water resistant and of course, Swiss made. Couldnt have it any way else.
They just dont stop, the attention to detail, the color combination, just the pure enginuity behind this piece is what makes Tag Heuers unique and bold.
And the price: an easy $6,900. Double the price compared to their regular collection.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ninja Assassin Spotted in Time Square!

My friend Henry sent me this link to a billboard sign in Time Square in New York. Because of this I am more juiced about the movie! And I am super proud of my boy Bi, showin the action movie industry how its done!
That is one cool ass billboard sign! Too damn cool!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warren's Wisdom 2

“My family won’t receive huge amounts of my net worth. That doesn’t mean they’ll get nothing. My children have already received some money from me and Susie and will receive more. I still believe in the philosophy - FORTUNE quoted me saying this 20 years ago - that a very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything but not enough to do nothing.” - Warren Buffett

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kanye West Has Become A Classic Parody.

My favorite Kanye West "Imma let you finish..." parody. Cannot get enough of these.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Boy Jeff!

Here is a video of Tiger Army's fan interview, I dont listen to their music but I am very familiar with them from my best friend Jeff, who is in this interview (4th interviewee). My friend Brittany (Jeff's sister) showed me this video, I got pretty pumped seeing my boy in an interview, mainly for a big band like Tiger Army. Miss Jeff big time, he's currently hustling in Tennessee, hope he is doing well. Octoberflame 1: Autumn creeps in again... TIGER ARMY (plays LA THIS WEEKEND!) | MySpace Music Videos

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tag Heuer: Monaco LS Series.

I have always been a fan of square frame watches, and always a fan of Tag Heuer, the absolute best in Swiss watches. To me, nothing comes close to attention to detail and sleek design as Tag Heuer watches. I came across the Monaco LS Series(which is their square frame watches) on The watch case is 40.5mm and is 100m water resistant. The case can be purchased in either a polished or brushed stainless steel and of course, shines and protected by a beveled sapphire glass. Some may not like that type of leather wrist band, and I use to one of those types of people who thought it had an "old" look, but I believe that the leather detail of the band compliments the whole design of the watch. Because with a plain leather band, the whole watch would seem a bit plain. In conclusion, well goes for $3,800. And that's that *sigh* Someday...someday I will have almost every model I desire.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tupac: Do For Love (Nujabes Remix)

This song has been stuck in my head all damn day, and I just dont want it to leave my mind. Tupac's lyrics and flows complimented by music from Nujabes, perfect mix.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jabberloop. New Fav.

My friend Val and I were talking about jazz/music the other night, and today she sent me a link of this Japanese jazz band from Kyoto called Jabberloop, which consists of 6 members that play trumpet, sax, keyboard, drums, bass and turntable. They have definitely given me a great impression with their lounge/club like jazz and their strong performances, not something you see in everyday jazz bands. I am really feeling Makoto, the trumpeter, he plays with so much strength yet very fresh and clear. Thanks Val! Keep 'em coming.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GT300 B4 Legacy.

Finally, a Legacy in the JGTC series. This one is in the GT300 class. The last Subaru that was in the GT series was Cusco's GDB STi, and that was by far one of the best circuit Imprezas I have seen. Hope this one does well, it definitely looks like it will get the job done.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best Impreza Ever!

I found this car a couple of months ago on and automatically fell in love. This is the type of style I look for when tuning a Impreza, simple, clean yet good performance. I just love the 18x10.5 white TE37's all around with the wide quarter panel and wide front fenders, all blends in well. Later on as I was looking through old car features on, I came across this car, and I was suprised that it was on here and I dont remember it all, I completely missed it. Then...the author of that article left the car owner's blog, now I am super juiced! His blog is full of pictures of his car, the progress of it, where he goes with it, everything. Then after browsing around his blog, I found his Youtube user profile, subscribed to him, then messaged him about what a damn good looking car he has...and the best part was, he replied in English, and pretty good too. Especially when it comes to car talk, it is all very clear, haha! I am now officially a big fan of Mr. Itakichi and his white Bugeye Impreza WRX Spec C. #1!!! I must say he definitely seems like a cool guy, I would love to meet him one day, and just talk about Subaru's, drinking Asahi. Itakichi Minkara

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julie & Julia.

Today I watched Julie and Julia with my Mom earlier in the afternoon. It was just as I expected it to be, pleasant and funny. Meryl Streep plays a very good Julia Childs, full of love and humor when it comes to cooking and life, and Amy Adams has a very cute character in her role as a fan of Julia Childs. I would definitely recommend this movie if you are looking for a pleasant laugh, I enjoyed it very much. I give it 10/ was just right.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Talk About Aggressive

I cannot seem to stop looking at this picture. It is just so perfect. C's Garage...these fools know whats up when it comes to S13's. Pictures like these makes me wish to have an S13 again. With a Kouki body, all you need is to slap on a Koguchi Power hood, and you are set for action. Just too damn beautiful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

G.I. Joe...ehh.

Today my Mom and I went to see G.I. Joe. I've heard both good and bad opinions about this movie, but we mainly went to see this because of the famous Korean actor Lee Byung Hun, who plays Storm Shadow (White Ninja), who my Mom has liked for sometime. The story of the movie was pretty weak, and most of the acting was very mediocre and there were a handful of corny scenes/lines. But the action was definitely good, especially between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, they were booth smooth ass Ninjas. And out of all the actors, Lee Byung Hun was pretty much the best one, definitely played a cold hearted bad guy, and his English was well spoken. Very suprised! And I dont see the big fuss about Chattum Tanning, not so great of an actor, and not even that good looking. Anyways. I think after this movie, more producers and writers might want to cast him in more major U.S. films, after all he is one of the biggest Actors in Asia, pretty much one of the top 5. In the end, I give it a 7/10. No joke, I feel that the only good parts were the ones he and Snake Eyes were in, everyone else....lame.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I would love to just wake up at 5 in the morning, drive my 1965 Porsche 356sc to the quiet lake, sitting on the docks drinking single malt scotch or wine while listening to Miles Davis. Sitting next to my love, holding her while waiting for that sunset to rise. And then return back to reality...but do the same thing every morning for the next 50 or more years of my life. I could definitely live with that.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ninja Assassin! Super Pumped!

All I can say is that I am very excited to see this! I have been waiting for months just to see this preview, and now I will have to wait for November 25th for the release of this film. I was so worried that it was going to look cheap, but then again, the director of V for Vendetta is working on this, and even the producers of Matrix. It definitely belongs on the main screen! Soo pumped man!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Current Fav.

This is pretty much my favorite wine at the moment. After drinking it at Vintage bar with Richard, I just finally went out and bought the damn thing. When drinking it you will get that sense of a crisp texture, and with the flavors of rasberries, little bits of apples and pears. A nice full body, thick and strong to the tongue. Very refreshing when cold. A very good first time experience for a Pinot Noir.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackon Passes Away at Age 50.

I didnt find out until my friend George asked me on Facebook "is the King of Pop really dead?" I checked on Yahoo news, and it hit me hard. I told my Mom about it and at first she was confused, then we turned on the t.v., almost every news and entertainment channel had coverage on it. I was so shocked to hear about his passing, at first I thought it was some publicity stunt, and it was just hard to believe since his comeback concert was starting soon. It definitely made a big impact on me, almost as if I lost a close friend. Michael Jackson is not only a person who is named as the "King of Pop," but literally a person who has changed the meaning of dance and song. I dont think there is anyone who can define gravity as he does while singing. He took styles of dances such as popping and gliding, and completely took his own rhythm/concept and has changed the way people view of what is really clean, fresh and sharp moves. He has definitely inspired, motivated, influenced and shown people that magic is real, especially on stage with his dynamic performances. The man can definitely sing, every song you hear with Michael Jackson's voice, is a sound that anyone in the whole world can recognize and move their heads and shoulders with it. Its almost as if his name was a genre/subject. I am very lucky to have lived in a generation of Michael Jackson, viewing with my own two eyes and ears of a man who sings and dances like no other, where he could perform the same song 10 times in a row in one day, and you could never get enough of it. I am very lucky to have lived in a time of Michael Jackson. With all the issues that he has been through, and all the controversies that have been made about him, they should not even matter with the things he has given the world. His gift in dancing and vocals is something you cannot take away from him, because he has used his gift and given back to many others. This is a man I have listened to since I was 6 years old, watching him move as if you thought twice about it being computer, but it was all real, it was all him. The artists that I listen to and follow these days, are people who have obtained talent through watching Michael Jackson, he has definitely create another path in the music world, creating a whole new chapter in the history of music. Yahoo! News: Jackson also had a huge fan base in Seoul, South Korea, where his style and dance moves were widely emulated by Korean pop stars.

"He is my master and the prime mover to make me dance," pop star Rain told the South Korean sports and entertainment daily Ilgan Sports. "Even though he is dead, he is an eternal performer."

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Words of My Future Child.

Lam sent me this on facebook, pretty much made my day. You know that the teacher who gave the detention was laughing really hard inside. This is what my future child will say. By any means necessary.

Summer Checklist.

1. Work (make lots of money). 2. Pay off at least half of what is left of my car payments. 3. Turbo timer. Check! 4. Turbo timer harness. Check! 5. Coilovers. Hopefully I will put a "check" on this soon! By the end of the summer...hopefully. 6. 18x9.5/ +35 offset Work Meister 3 piece all chrome! Work VS-XX Silver w/ polish lip. In my dreams. 7. Early August: L.A. Super Autobacs shopping spree. 8. Eat tons of meat and chicken...cross fit training! 9. Los Gatos Town Plaza Jazz weekly jazz concert. 10. Hotel De Anza lounge jazz. Grab drinks with bros. 11. Hakone Gardens/ Cruise. 12. Blackhawk Auto Museum. 13. Transformers. Public Enemies. 14. Check the damn rattling noise from the exhaust. Tire rotation! 15. Finish current book and read one more. 16. Finally have a fun/satisfying summer vacation.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Warren's Wisdom.

“The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.” “There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Finally got me a turbo timer. My friend George recently bought a '99 spec FD front lip, and the guy he bought it from was also selling a turbo timer. So I e-mailed him that night, he responded quick, and I picked it up today for really cheap. Its silver, I wanted a black one, but oh well, it was a good price. The guy was really nice too, before anything he just started telling me the basics of were the wires plug into. All I need now is a harness.

Random goodies.

For the past 8 months I have been buying a lot of products from Kiehl's, and everytime you have an empty bottle of their product, you can turn it in for a stamp, and after 3-4 stamps you get complimentary products. After my 1st 3 stamps I got their lip balm, and it is very lubey I might add, haha. But too bad I couldnt get a flavored one. When I got home, I received a small box in the mail, and I had no idea what it what it was since I did make any purchases. On the corner of the box, it said Rockstar Inc. Las Vegas, NV etc etc...and I was like "Rockstar? Am I sponsored with them, just like Orido!" I opened the box and there was 4 cans of the drink, and a small paper that said, "there you go James, now you will have to drink it. Enjoy. -Allen" And then it hit me, I met a gentleman last friday at work who was attending the Pearl night club and was a guest at our hotel, who happened to work for Rockstar. And I told him that lately I have been seeing a lot of race car drivers sponsored by them, especially my favorite driver Manabu Orido, who recently obtained their sponsorship. And even though I am not a energy drink person, mainly cause of the taste and health issues and what not, I would probably drink Rockstar out of all the other ones. So after chatting it up for 10 minutes, he asked me for my address so that he can send me a few cans, and I completely forgot about that, since I was in the process of getting a fever and basically felt like crap. So, thanks to Allen for the gift, I will definitely enjoy it, since I "have too." Haha.

Monday, May 25, 2009

24 hour Le Mans: Manthey Racing Porsche Wins!

I couldnt believe it when I read the results this morning, its like...the football team you have been rooting for in the Superbowl has won, just as expected. Team Manthey Racing took their 4th Nurburgring win with their 480 hp Porsche 911 GT3 RSR!!! I knew it, I just knew it. Great driver, great car, great tuning shop, what else could you prove wrong about it!? Congratulations Manthey Racing for your 4th Nurburgring victory! See you next year when you take 1st place again. Job well done.

Sesame Seed Tuna with Ginger Sauce.

For today's menu, I have taken a nice fresh piece of tuna, seasoned it sea salt and pepper, then covered the whole piece with brown and black sesame seeds. Pour some sesame seed oil on the pan, and place the tuna, grilling each side for about 5-8 minutes. You want to get it nice and medium inside, so basically the outside will be cooked and the inside is basically sashimi. Then, place tuna on plate gently. Now, time for the ginger sauce. Dice and mince garlic and ginger, getting a tablespoon for each. place into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, two tablespoons of vinegar/ or white wine vinegar, and about 3 tablespoons of sesame seed oil, for flavor and texture. Then you want to add about half a tablespoon of grounded red pepper seeds, then wisk. You want the sauce to be at room temperature for a nice molasses like texture. Then, glaze ginger sauce on tuna and around plate. Tuna. Sea salt and pepper. Brown and black sesame seeds. Hot pan, drizzle sesame seed oil. Grill 5-8 minutes each side. Place on plate. Ginger, garlic...minced. Soy sauce, vinegar, sesame seed oil...wisk. Glaze....presentation. Sesame Seed Tuna with Ginger Sauce...DONE.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Le Mans 24 hour: Nurburgring.

Today was the first day of 24 Le Mans race at the world famous Nurburgring Circuit in Germany, which goes from 4 p.m. Saturday to 4 p.m. Sunday. I've been waiting two weeks for this race, and I am super pumped. This year I have been keeping my eye on the Manthey Racing Porsche GT3 RSR, with driver Porsche Factory driver Marc Lieb, who use to drive in German Formula 1. This is probably his 3rd or 4th time driving in a 24 hours series, and definitely his 3rd time driving in the Nurburgring. Last year he took the championship at the 24 series in Nurburg, was also a 2007 winner with the same Manthey Porsche at the same track, and has also won a few GT-2 series championships. So as you can see, he is the man for the job, especially with the 911. From looking at all the qualified drivers, 90% of the cars consist of GT3's and R8's, and after watching the live video, Manthey Racing and the #99 R8 LMS car have been duking it out through out the whole race, swtiching with the 1st and 2nd place pole positions. I just hope that Mantey Racing can keep the top 3 position through out the whole race.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Culinary: Stir Fried Peppered Shrimp.

Today on the menu was a quickey. Take a large bowl for mixing. Shrimp, red, orange and yellow peppers. White/or Portabella mushrooms. And onions, all into the boil. Sea salt, pepper, olive oil...stir. Diced basil, little bit of cayenne pepper, stir. Then into the pan. Stir fry/ or toss in pan for 10-15 minutes until both the shrimp, mushroom and onions get some dark color going. Then, onto the plate. Stir Fried Peppered Shrimp....DONE.


How legit can this get! I wish I was till a kid and got my hands on this bad boy. Im pretty sure I could still fit in this highly built machine.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So today at work, I got to chat it up with a special guest, Ida Ljungquist, 2009 50th Anniversary Playboy Playmate of the year. Just her and I. She was very nice and polite, and she couldnt get enough of James, the eyes chico, they neva lie. Anyways, she was there for the grand opening of Pearl Night Club, formaly known as Vivid. She is there to be the special guest model, and best of all, she invited your boy here! But too bad I am not a club person, and I was dead tired. But yea, we chopped it up a little at the lounge, like she was a mutual friend. And today at the lounge they had a live band, full of soul/hip-hop/jazz/and a little house, with a mc rapper and a female vocal. Good stuff. But then, she left me, for good! I'll never see her again. But she will always remember James, the guy who helped her "find a place to eat around here," and a little bar talk. Goodbye Ida, goodbye.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Work. School. Work. School.

Its never ending, a constant flow I am going through each and everyday. I've never felt so busy in my life as much as I am now. Maybe its because I am trying harder as usual, and honestly I feel that its also because I am getting older to quick. Monday through Thursday its school, and Friday through Sunday its work all day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays before school, I sit and read Business Week, The Economist (since I get it for free at work, hee hee), and the business section of the New York Times. I know that all of this is good for me, but damn, if feels like I havent had a day off in over 3 months. In the end, I feel a little proud of myself with the way I am spending my time, studying, extra ciricular reading on the business and entreprenuer markets. It all benefits me. Now that I think of it, I actually do not mind that much being this busy and doing all this work, I feel very efficient, haha. Speaking of reading, I just got my hands on a new book, "Buffett. The Making of an American Capitalist." This will be the second book this year I will read and actually finish. The other book was Genghis Khan's biography, which was a 7/10 read. But I am definitely looking forward to this book, since Warren Buffett is slowly becoming another idle of mine in the business industry.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Comic Book Fail.

Dont fight this shit, the Man of Steel is here!'

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word From the Wise.

Five ways to improve earnings: "Must we really view that 12 percent equity coupon as immutable? Is there any law that says the corporate return on equity capital cannot adjust itself upward in response to a permanently higher average rate of inflation? There is no such law, of course. On the other hand, corporate America cannot increase earnings by desire or decree. To raise that return on equity, corporations would need at least one of the following: (1) an increase in turnover, i.e., in the ratio between sales and total assets employed in the business; (2) cheaper leverage; (3) more leverage; (4) lower income taxes, (5) wider operating margins on sales. And that's it. There simply are no other ways to increase returns on common equity. Let's see what can be done with these." - Warren Buffet; Fortune May 1977.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally Back.

I finally got my car back! This morning I decided to go check it out to see the progress, and by the time I got there, they were finish buffing it up. And man o man did it look soo good. The car looked practically brand new. The people at Normandin did an awesome job, they were even nice enough to put back my front lip on the new bumper. After I drove it off, it just felt so great, I couldnt stand any longer driving that Focus, it was just full of bad vibes. In the end I was late for my Marketing test because it was all not planned and last minute, but once getting in the driver seat of the White Stallion, it got me where I needed to be. A little faster timing compared to when the Focus would get me there, haha. Saw this big ass exhaust tip on this big ass truck on my way to the body shop. Look at that thing next to the differential, I could stick my big ass head in there! It must have been like 10 inches wide. Extreeeme! Now its time for the maintenance and some touch up. To be continued...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For Sale: STRi Boost Gauge.

Trying to get rid of my 52mm STRi DSD-SLM II boost gauge, its been sitting in my room for almost a year now. Comes with everything, opened only for examination but never used. Its has the black face with white text when lights are on. Out the door for $120. Let me know!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ate at Sonics. Pacquiao Wins! Then Sonics again.

Im going to make this post really simple. Went to Carmel with my Mom for the temple, then to just hang around. We took a drove through the hills with my car rental Ford Focus since the temple is about a half-mile up. While heading back home, we stop by Sonics in Gilroy, it was the best! We both just got drinks, my Mom had a Craneberry Limeade, and I had a Carmel Mocha Java Chill. Sooo good. After we got back home, I cooked the both of us a bomb ass steak which I am now a pro at. Then went to Brian's house to watch the Pacquaio vs. Hatton fight. All I will say about that is, Pacquaio is a beast, Hatton was good but just came in too strong too early, got knocked the f**k out! 2nd round, 2:59 seconds into it....over! Pacquiao wins. Pacquiao knocked out Hatton twice in the 1st round, that just made him lose balance, then right into the second round, Pacquiao throws a fake right and knocks Hatton out with a left (Pacquaio's strong arm). And while Hatton got that 3rd knock out hit, he swings his left and Pacman just ducked like it was coming at him slow. What a fighter he is. After the fight, we all decided to head down to Sonics after bringing it up with the guys, at 10:30 p.m. we headed down to Gilroy for burgers and shakes. I ended up having a Super Sonic Cheeseburger with a Root Beer Float. Sooo bad for my training, now I have to work out twice as hard on Monday, but it was soooo good, and very good price.

Friday, May 1, 2009

James in the Making Part 3.

Its been 3 months since I last reported my progress for the Cross Fit training, and after the 3 months of eating well and working out nearly everyday for 2 hours a day, I can see and feel completely different results. Comparing to 3 months ago, I am capable of lifting my own body weight much easily, and can execute multiple excercises in one whole set. Now I will take a one week break from any weights and machines, and stick with full isometric training, which consist of incline push ups, different styles of sit-ups, box jumps, pull ups, shoulder dips, jump rope, barbell russian twist, and a few others. Its time to concentrate on complete fat burning. After 3 months, I have lost a total of 3 lbs of fat, and aiming at burning 2-3 more lbs by next Wednesday (5/6). Extreeeme pull ups!!! Got the pull-up bar at Target for $35. Its da bomb!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ridox Impreza Repair. Part 1

Today I finally got to get my car into the body shop to get my driver side fender repaired after the hit and run. I went to Normandin Auto Body, the same body shop as my mom did for her suv a couple of years ago and they did a great job, and also they are AAA certified. While the office manager was taking a look at the car, I took a glance at the paperwork he had and it stated I was getting both the front bumper and fender replaced, and I double checked with him and he said "yes, front bumper too." So I just to I might as well anyways since there are a lot of scratches and chips from rocks and debris. I was there for only about 20 minutes and the gentlemen from Hertz came down to pick me up for my temporary G-Ride. Once I got to Hertz, the guy asked me what kind of car is being repaired at the shop and I told him "2007 Subaru WRX TR," and he based off the rental car with the value and "status" of my I ended up with this.... A Freakin Ford Damn Focus! Isnt this thing like $16,000 and base model-ish!? My car went for $23,000, and is worth about $18,000 used right now. Your gonna compare the White Stallion to a freakin Focus!? What an insult. I asked him if it would be more if I get the 2009 Honda Accord Sedan that I saw in the lot, and he told me $50, so I just said nevermind, that will do I guess, at least its good on gas. Hasn't he heard of the White Stallion, I should be getting a Lexus LS430...fully loaded, hahaha!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Culinary: Spicy Peppered Salmon and Shrimp.

Lately I have been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey's programs such as Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and the F Word on the BBC, so I've been getting more interested in cooking. So lately I have been trying to improve my culinary skills, watching Chef Ramsey and also Chef Nguyen at the hotel I work at. I've been experimenting mainly with salmon, shrimp and beef. Here I have marinated this salmon with extra virgin olive oil. Seasoned it with sea salt, ground pepper, basil and chopped garlic. I let it sit for about 5 minutes to marinate, get the flavor and juices blend together. Finally I placed in on the pan, frying it in olive oil, setting tempuraters between medium and high. I let each side sit on the pan for 5 minutes, you dont want to constantly keep flipping, the salmon will end up drying if you fry each side more than once. After finishing up with the salmon, I took a few pieces of shrimp, placed it in a bowl drizzling it with extra virgin olive oil, seasoning it with cayenne pepper, sea salt, ground pepper, and a little bit of basil. Stir it up and then place it on the pan. Let if fry for 8-10 minutes and keep flipping after every minute. Finally, after placing the shrimp on the top of the salmon, I fried some onions, seasoning it with just some cayenne to give it flavor, because after frying the onions with the cayenne, it give it a slight spice and good texture. Place the onions on top, then finished. In conclusion, Salmon, sea salt, ground pepper, basil, garlic, olive oil, rest. Olive oil on pan, fry salmon, 5 minutes each side, place on plate. Shrimp, sea salt, ground pepper, cayenne, olive oil, stir in bowl, place on pan for 8-10 minutes, keep flipping. Place on top of salmon. Onions, cayenne, fry for 5 minutes, place on shrimp. Spicy Peppered Salmon and Shrimp....Done. Cooking is definitely fun, lets a lot of frustration out, and your mind is completely open. More to come.

Friday, April 24, 2009

i-Club: Motivational Posters.

Found these on i-club, havent looked at any of them in a long time. Some are dumb, and some are just stupid yet funny. I could not stop laughing at this one as I read it to myself.

Incase Neoprene Laptop Sleeve.

When thinking of a laptop case, the first thing that came to mind was the Black Incase Neoprene Sleeve. I've been keeping my eye on it for sometime when in the process of planning for a laptop. I bought it at the Apple store so its basically meant for a Mac Pro, but whatever. This thing is pretty dope, the exterior is like this nylon-ish material and the interior is like goose down, such soft feathers, I wish I was the laptop, nestled in the soft casing. I had to get a 17'' because even though my Dell is a 15.4'', you have to remember that the screen is 15.4'' but the casing alone is at least 16''. All good. I give this product a 10/10. Simple yet sleek, I admire the style and strong construction of this product.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Manabu Orido Videos!

Many times that I go on youtube, I was check up on videos of my favorite driver/car enthusiast, Manabu Orido. And each time I check up on youtube, its always the same stuff, but not this time! I found the video that follows the story of his career, I've seen the sample clip before and this random Japanese car blog, but I never thought I would watch it, but I found it all! If you love cars and know how great Orido is, then you will definitely want to check this out. No subtitles though, but who cares, I know what he is saying because we connect him and I.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally, a laptop.

So after doing much research on laptops and waiting for years to get one, I have finally obtained one. I got my hands on a Midnight Blue Dell Studio 15, and its great. I was planning on getting a Lenovo, since its basically a IBM computer and I've always been a fan of IBM computers, but it was kind of pricey online after shipping and handling. This Dell has a 4gb memory, 320 gb hard drive, all in a 15.4 inch screen. Pretty light too, 5 lbs, and also a 7 hour lasting battery! Im happy and satisfied, now I can get some school work done at home w/o waiting for the living room computer that my dad always hogs. Now I need to see how I can transfer my itunes library to this computer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning.

Well, after school today, I decided I needed to clean my garage, everything was just disorganized and dust everywhere. Luckily I had a few people help me out. Now everything looks spik-and-span. (Jay Leno's Garage)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Fast and The Furious 4.

I finally got to catch Fast and Furious 4, and it was not to bad and not to good. I've heard few god reviews about it, but then again you cannot trust those reviews when it comes to cars, many people can have many different tastes with that. It was cool seeing the original cast together again, and the story line was not that too bad, compared to like the second movie, which is the worst one. What is good about the story line is that it wasn't just all about cars, and the use of cars was not as stupid as past movies, it was more about trust, friendship and etc. The driving could have been much better, they used to much computer work with the driving scenes, I expected a little more real stunt driving. I was happy to see that they brought the Charger back, but I will tell you that they barely use it in the movie, which is lame because that is the best car in the movie in my opinion. I give it a 7/10, it was okay, I guess I would spend the money to check it out in theaters, but I dont think I would own it on dvd, hahaha.

Monday, April 6, 2009


So Saturday night at work I stayed a little later for the club event we had going at our lounge. The whole day at work I parked at the end of the lot where there was no car next to me. A couple of hours later I see a big ass truck that is raised with big ass tires next to me, but I didnt think much of it. The whole entire day I was working, from 3-1:00 a.m., that car was there, and I still did not think much of it. Even though the night was busy and full of hoochies and tricks, I saw a few of my friends which was cool. The next day (Sunday 4/5), I get to work, park my car, lock the door with my remote, and while locking it, I take a look at my car and see a BIG ASS DENT on my driver side fender. It pretty much looks like someone punched it, but automatically I knew it was that damn truck, cause I can see the black tire streaks. Its funny, right when I looked at it, I didnt touch, I didnt take a step close, I just stopped, looked at it for about 5 seconds, laughed for a second, and walked straight in the hotel. I guess I just dont have the time and patience to get upset and furious, but I am a little frustrated about it. And a hit and run aint no free-be when it comes to insurance. Lame!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sales Tax Sky Rocket.

It finally happened, and I am not to suprised. California State Sales Tax goes up a whole 1%, making it 9.250 instead of the original 8.250% Damn! Thats all I have to say. The last time tax raised was when Regan was in office. You know what that means, not only tax is up, but gas will go up, everything will go up. But I believe this is only temporary. We'll just have to see.

Las Vegas 3/09.

So once again another trip to Vegas, this time for my Mom's birthday and also hang out with some friends. And of course, just to make things better, we drove, which I really hoped not to do again. Brian arrived a day before with his friend, who's name is...Brian, hahaha. This time did more gambling than ever. I came with $180, made $300 and lost $240, put my last $60 on my last day there and left with $240, so on that note, I still made profit. About an hour away from the Nevada border line. This time I stayed one night with my parents at the new Palazzo Hotel, which is from the same owner as the Venetian, and I must say it was better than I expected. Than after that I got a room for Brian, Brian and I at the Paris, which was average yet roomy and good view of the Bellagio, so I got to see the water show every 30 minutes. They stayed with me for one night and I was alone once again for the last two nights there. My Mom was really excited about the room. Every woman's favorite place. Mom loved it. Much better view than the strip, I could stare at it all day long. Wynn's Pool and Golf Course. We went out to eat at Fatburger, a place I always wanted to try, but damn, they were not fat at all. My fatburger was literally the size of a Big Mac. Brian got the Baby Fatburger, it was pretty much the same size as my so called Fatburger. In the end, it tasted just like any other cheese burger, but the only difference was it was $10 for the damn meal, not worth it. We were the only Asian dudes in there, everyone was black, oh and that white guy too, he acted black. Making bets at the sports lounge in MGM. At the end of the day, I had to show them the room. We played some cards, watched a little tv, and spent about 30 minutes looking for the damn switch for one of the lamps that came down from the ceiling, it was really nice. But no switch. Brian even called the front desk. No switch. We left the room at the Palazzo to check out their shopping area, and it was nothing but high end retail stores. Fendi, Prada, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry and Barneys New York. It makes Bloomingdales look like a Walmart. After walking around the shopping area, we had to stop by Barneys New York to see what the fuss is about. I was pretty excited to finally see what was up. We went straight up the escalator to the Mens floor. This was just a taste of what they had. About 90% of everything they had was at least over 1k. We saw a suit blazer that went for 3k alone!!! Imagine all the things you can do with the price of that blazer! They had some legit raw denim straight from Japan. They were on sale for $130. Some of the stuff they had for Mens Casual wear. They even had some G Shock watches that I have never even seen, apart from the usual. A good $200. Heading down stairs to the Womens Department, which of course, was twice the size of Men's. Dresses... and Handbags! A dream land for Women. Dolce and Gabbana. Fendi, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and more. I dont know why I remember what handbag brands were there. So I finally got to visit the Encore, which was absolutely amazing, just how I imagined it. But unfortunately due to time and excitement at the hotel, I completely dazed off and did not take any pictures and only went through the casino portion of the resort. But I got to take a picture of Steve Wynn himself, he was happy to see his future VP. We spent my Mom's birthday at the Wynn on 3/23. We ate at Stratts right after watching Le Reve, Wynn's show that is from the same producer as Cirque De Sole. I had the Lamb shanks with a very unique mint pesto sauce. While we were eating, we watched the World Classic Baseball Final, Korea vs Japan. Said to say Korea lost, but it was a tough close game. After dinner went next door to the sports lounge and watched the rest. It was kind of uncomfortable because there was Japanese sitting on one side and Korean sitting on the other, not safe man! In the end I am glad to spend my Mom's birthday at the best hotel in the world.