Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perfect Everyday Ride

Here is a nice compilation of the best daily ride car ever, The Ridox Supra, owned by the best damn driver there is, Manabu Orido. It seems that each time I see his Supra, it just gets better and better, always clean, always simple yet aggressive. Even though when his car was red, I really do love this blue, it works well with the body kit. And I love all the carbon spoilers/diffusers/canard pieces he has on the bonnet of the car...b..e..autiful. And you have to admit, this is the best damn body kit you will ever see on a car, and what makes it even more special is that Orido designed the kit himself. *sigh* If only he made a whole line of body kits for many models of vehicles, for example...S14! WRX Impreza!