Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackon Passes Away at Age 50.

I didnt find out until my friend George asked me on Facebook "is the King of Pop really dead?" I checked on Yahoo news, and it hit me hard. I told my Mom about it and at first she was confused, then we turned on the t.v., almost every news and entertainment channel had coverage on it. I was so shocked to hear about his passing, at first I thought it was some publicity stunt, and it was just hard to believe since his comeback concert was starting soon. It definitely made a big impact on me, almost as if I lost a close friend. Michael Jackson is not only a person who is named as the "King of Pop," but literally a person who has changed the meaning of dance and song. I dont think there is anyone who can define gravity as he does while singing. He took styles of dances such as popping and gliding, and completely took his own rhythm/concept and has changed the way people view of what is really clean, fresh and sharp moves. He has definitely inspired, motivated, influenced and shown people that magic is real, especially on stage with his dynamic performances. The man can definitely sing, every song you hear with Michael Jackson's voice, is a sound that anyone in the whole world can recognize and move their heads and shoulders with it. Its almost as if his name was a genre/subject. I am very lucky to have lived in a generation of Michael Jackson, viewing with my own two eyes and ears of a man who sings and dances like no other, where he could perform the same song 10 times in a row in one day, and you could never get enough of it. I am very lucky to have lived in a time of Michael Jackson. With all the issues that he has been through, and all the controversies that have been made about him, they should not even matter with the things he has given the world. His gift in dancing and vocals is something you cannot take away from him, because he has used his gift and given back to many others. This is a man I have listened to since I was 6 years old, watching him move as if you thought twice about it being computer, but it was all real, it was all him. The artists that I listen to and follow these days, are people who have obtained talent through watching Michael Jackson, he has definitely create another path in the music world, creating a whole new chapter in the history of music. Yahoo! News: Jackson also had a huge fan base in Seoul, South Korea, where his style and dance moves were widely emulated by Korean pop stars.

"He is my master and the prime mover to make me dance," pop star Rain told the South Korean sports and entertainment daily Ilgan Sports. "Even though he is dead, he is an eternal performer."

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Words of My Future Child.

Lam sent me this on facebook, pretty much made my day. You know that the teacher who gave the detention was laughing really hard inside. This is what my future child will say. By any means necessary.

Summer Checklist.

1. Work (make lots of money). 2. Pay off at least half of what is left of my car payments. 3. Turbo timer. Check! 4. Turbo timer harness. Check! 5. Coilovers. Hopefully I will put a "check" on this soon! By the end of the summer...hopefully. 6. 18x9.5/ +35 offset Work Meister 3 piece all chrome! Work VS-XX Silver w/ polish lip. In my dreams. 7. Early August: L.A. Super Autobacs shopping spree. 8. Eat tons of meat and chicken...cross fit training! 9. Los Gatos Town Plaza Jazz weekly jazz concert. 10. Hotel De Anza lounge jazz. Grab drinks with bros. 11. Hakone Gardens/ Cruise. 12. Blackhawk Auto Museum. 13. Transformers. Public Enemies. 14. Check the damn rattling noise from the exhaust. Tire rotation! 15. Finish current book and read one more. 16. Finally have a fun/satisfying summer vacation.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Warren's Wisdom.

“The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.” “There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Finally got me a turbo timer. My friend George recently bought a '99 spec FD front lip, and the guy he bought it from was also selling a turbo timer. So I e-mailed him that night, he responded quick, and I picked it up today for really cheap. Its silver, I wanted a black one, but oh well, it was a good price. The guy was really nice too, before anything he just started telling me the basics of were the wires plug into. All I need now is a harness.

Random goodies.

For the past 8 months I have been buying a lot of products from Kiehl's, and everytime you have an empty bottle of their product, you can turn it in for a stamp, and after 3-4 stamps you get complimentary products. After my 1st 3 stamps I got their lip balm, and it is very lubey I might add, haha. But too bad I couldnt get a flavored one. When I got home, I received a small box in the mail, and I had no idea what it what it was since I did make any purchases. On the corner of the box, it said Rockstar Inc. Las Vegas, NV etc etc...and I was like "Rockstar? Am I sponsored with them, just like Orido!" I opened the box and there was 4 cans of the drink, and a small paper that said, "there you go James, now you will have to drink it. Enjoy. -Allen" And then it hit me, I met a gentleman last friday at work who was attending the Pearl night club and was a guest at our hotel, who happened to work for Rockstar. And I told him that lately I have been seeing a lot of race car drivers sponsored by them, especially my favorite driver Manabu Orido, who recently obtained their sponsorship. And even though I am not a energy drink person, mainly cause of the taste and health issues and what not, I would probably drink Rockstar out of all the other ones. So after chatting it up for 10 minutes, he asked me for my address so that he can send me a few cans, and I completely forgot about that, since I was in the process of getting a fever and basically felt like crap. So, thanks to Allen for the gift, I will definitely enjoy it, since I "have too." Haha.