Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun in the Sun...sort of sunny.

Last Thursday Richard, Audrey and I decided to go to the beach, so we all decided to hit up Carmel. Richard and I were kind of iffy if the weather would be cold or warm, so when we got there, it was windy and just straight up chilly. Often the sun would pop out but would not shed any warmth, just the light, but it was still cool. We all got in the water to get our feet wet, but we ended up not able to feel them anymore. Before we got to the beach, we stopped by the temple that I go to once in awhile in the hills of Carmel, got some fresh air and then headed to the beach, the whole day was a pretty good drive, fresh wind and good sunlight. After the beach, we came back, and just hanged around Santana Row, and ended up having some good ol' Pasta Pomodoro.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yup, thats about it.

If you know James, then this just sums it all up. This is what I'm about baby, thats how I row niggets!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yes Sir.

I just....I just love Porsche's man, any year, almost any model, its all good in da hood. Saw this clean/simple Porsche Carrera at West Coast Cigars with Richard. It was fitted with a 4 point rear section roll cage, and as I peaked under the hood, I noticed a little carbon fiber, so it made me wonder how crazy we are talking here....Hmmmm. Other than that, would be nice to have one to cruise in nice and slow...or go crazy through a long tunnel.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cruisin Through the Valley.

So yesterday my best man Richard, my pal Audrey and my hustlin homegirl Stephanie went out for a drive to Hicks Rd. I needed to take a nice drive especially in this weather to blow some steam off since I'm feelin a little pissed off, which is the best way I can put it. But it was nice, perfect sunny day, perfect weather, nice breeze and of course good people. I plan on doing it again, maybe spring break, stop by and take a walk through the walking trail they got. I also wanted to walk, but everyone was complaining like a bunch of bitches except Audrey, hahaha.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Porsche: What Perfection Looks Like In Person.

When I see Porsche, I see art, sharpness and a unique sense of character when it comes to a car. But to me, Porsche is not just a car, its a treasure in our generation. From the very first time I saw the Porsche 1955 356 Speedster, I was in love. For many years I was always enthused with Porsche's design and performance, but never so deep into its art, until I saw the Speedster, I was in love. What you have to consider and admire about Porsche is their design, very few manufactures keep a signature design, but for Porsche, they have been keeping the same look and concept since the day they started in 1931. Porsche has always been known for their boxer engine, handling performance and of course, their classic yet modern design. The details that Porsche puts into their cars are out of the ordinary mind, with the unique boxer engine that always seems to roar with sounds of a fierce beast, yet with the body designs of a sleek and classy look of a luxury exotic. Porsche is definitely the total package that many car enthusiasts would desire, it seems that even the ones who have no interests in motorsports, seem to have their eyes stuck on such an amazing machine. To me, Porsche is a dream car for everyone, and is a dream that I wish to live someday, to ride in the hills with sunny skies and the trees casting a shadow over us, what a perfect image, what a perfect moment. Porsche, the name just gives me a sense of comfort.

Wynn Resort/ Casino: Encore.

Steve Wynn, successful hotel mogul is now adding another piece to his Wynn hotel, the second piece is called the Encore. When I went to Las Vegas last winter, I saw the construction but I had no idea that was the Encore. I heard about the Encore from a Las Vegas magazine, saying that it is his new hotel, but the expanding part of the Wynn is the Encore. The new extra building consists of more rooms, approximately 2,034 extra rooms, several restaurants and bars. The concept of the hotel layout is Eastern Asian concept, which is similar to his hotel in Macau, China. The project is worth 2.1 billion dollars and plans to open 2009, its only been 1 1/2 years, and they're almost done, what a G huh! He is da man, that is the dream I wish to live one day. Cant wait until that opens.

Welcome to the Ridox Resort and Casino.

Welcome to James Min's Ridox Resort and Casino website. I am pleased to join the blogspot and hope many will enjoy the things I will report from my life. Many of the things I will include are such things as cars, motorsports, my lifestyle with friends and family, current events and etc. You will later find most of my interests are cars, motorsports, cigars, life of Las Vegas, and etc, and I hope that many will enjoy the things I certainly do. Thank you and I hope that many of you will return from time to time to my blog, and I will for sure stay updated with yours. Sincerely, James Min, Ceo Ridox Resort and Casino.