Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sales Tax Sky Rocket.

It finally happened, and I am not to suprised. California State Sales Tax goes up a whole 1%, making it 9.250 instead of the original 8.250% Damn! Thats all I have to say. The last time tax raised was when Regan was in office. You know what that means, not only tax is up, but gas will go up, everything will go up. But I believe this is only temporary. We'll just have to see.

Las Vegas 3/09.

So once again another trip to Vegas, this time for my Mom's birthday and also hang out with some friends. And of course, just to make things better, we drove, which I really hoped not to do again. Brian arrived a day before with his friend, who's name is...Brian, hahaha. This time did more gambling than ever. I came with $180, made $300 and lost $240, put my last $60 on my last day there and left with $240, so on that note, I still made profit. About an hour away from the Nevada border line. This time I stayed one night with my parents at the new Palazzo Hotel, which is from the same owner as the Venetian, and I must say it was better than I expected. Than after that I got a room for Brian, Brian and I at the Paris, which was average yet roomy and good view of the Bellagio, so I got to see the water show every 30 minutes. They stayed with me for one night and I was alone once again for the last two nights there. My Mom was really excited about the room. Every woman's favorite place. Mom loved it. Much better view than the strip, I could stare at it all day long. Wynn's Pool and Golf Course. We went out to eat at Fatburger, a place I always wanted to try, but damn, they were not fat at all. My fatburger was literally the size of a Big Mac. Brian got the Baby Fatburger, it was pretty much the same size as my so called Fatburger. In the end, it tasted just like any other cheese burger, but the only difference was it was $10 for the damn meal, not worth it. We were the only Asian dudes in there, everyone was black, oh and that white guy too, he acted black. Making bets at the sports lounge in MGM. At the end of the day, I had to show them the room. We played some cards, watched a little tv, and spent about 30 minutes looking for the damn switch for one of the lamps that came down from the ceiling, it was really nice. But no switch. Brian even called the front desk. No switch. We left the room at the Palazzo to check out their shopping area, and it was nothing but high end retail stores. Fendi, Prada, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry and Barneys New York. It makes Bloomingdales look like a Walmart. After walking around the shopping area, we had to stop by Barneys New York to see what the fuss is about. I was pretty excited to finally see what was up. We went straight up the escalator to the Mens floor. This was just a taste of what they had. About 90% of everything they had was at least over 1k. We saw a suit blazer that went for 3k alone!!! Imagine all the things you can do with the price of that blazer! They had some legit raw denim straight from Japan. They were on sale for $130. Some of the stuff they had for Mens Casual wear. They even had some G Shock watches that I have never even seen, apart from the usual. A good $200. Heading down stairs to the Womens Department, which of course, was twice the size of Men's. Dresses... and Handbags! A dream land for Women. Dolce and Gabbana. Fendi, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and more. I dont know why I remember what handbag brands were there. So I finally got to visit the Encore, which was absolutely amazing, just how I imagined it. But unfortunately due to time and excitement at the hotel, I completely dazed off and did not take any pictures and only went through the casino portion of the resort. But I got to take a picture of Steve Wynn himself, he was happy to see his future VP. We spent my Mom's birthday at the Wynn on 3/23. We ate at Stratts right after watching Le Reve, Wynn's show that is from the same producer as Cirque De Sole. I had the Lamb shanks with a very unique mint pesto sauce. While we were eating, we watched the World Classic Baseball Final, Korea vs Japan. Said to say Korea lost, but it was a tough close game. After dinner went next door to the sports lounge and watched the rest. It was kind of uncomfortable because there was Japanese sitting on one side and Korean sitting on the other, not safe man! In the end I am glad to spend my Mom's birthday at the best hotel in the world.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

World Classic Baseball: Korea!!!

I am not really a baseball fan, but anything Korea does, I will watch of course! Right now I am at work watching the World Classic Baseball, and Korea is beating Venezuela 10-2 as we speak in the Semi-finals. I've never been so excited about baseball before. It seems that all international games like Soccer and Baseball are the most exciting. Go Korea!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hatin on Foos.

-- Everytime I end up typing up shit like this that nobody cares about, I realize I do this because I have no one to release these thoughts to. In my reality, everyone is lonely, we're all in our own little world, no one to fuckin trust, no to cry with. It seems all you have is just that one person, for me its my Mom. Its sad when it comes down to one, even though one is just enough. You think you know who your friends are, and they act like your brother/sister, but in the in the end your on your own, dont rely on anyone's love, cause everyone is greedy as shit. What happened to this fuckin world right?! I hate to be the one contradicting things and sounding like the asshole I can be, but lets face it, the world is not getting any better, the shit that surrounds us is all ridiculous and just full of shit. The majority of the people I know or just see on the streets are just full of themselves, fake ass motherfuckers that waste their lives doing nothing but trying to be someone, which is either a dick or a trick ass ho. Instead of gaining knowledge and trying to be their true selfs, everyone puts up a fake ass face of who they think they are. People I know who were innocent, regular kids growing up with fortunes, love and almost everything, now try to act like fuckin hard ass bitches and shit, or a tricked out fuckin hoochie lookin for a dick and few dollars here and there, and if they are lucky maybe throw in a Gucci bag and some attention. I dont understand whats going on these days, could it be the media, people dont know what to do with themselves so they try and follow other acts? To me everyone is a fuckin hype. People who call others hypes are just hype asses themselves. Wearin the same shit that others wear, takin the same shit, everyone just follows other people's wastes. People get more and more weak as time goes by, the more weak they get they become scared of reality and just want to live in that damn dream world. But where is the love. Dont try to follow someone else's shadow, when all that shows is you being a monkey version of them. Dont be a bitch. Each day I wonder to myself what happened to the people that gave me their love and trust. People I would take pain for just dumped me in the fuckin garbage. So think back for a second and think about the people who you use to roll with, sharing thoughts and feelings to each other. You see yourself as the same person, but in the end they are the ones that cannot decide what to do themselves and their friendship with you. But it aint fuckin hard, just keep that friendship strong by doing what you use to do, be what you use to be, show the same damn love that got my attention from the beginning. I dont see what is so hard about being a good person/friend right?! Most people can change when it comes to gettin that dick/pussy first. They'll dump your ass to the curb when it comes to some THING, but when that THING is not present at the moment, they'll drive right back to your ass a back up plan. And what should you do at times like that, you say fuck it and roll out, cause you dont need people like that, one who takes advantage of your love and trust. Fake ass motherfuckers dont know what love and trust means anyways, they dont understand what keepin it real means, greedy ass little bitches only think about themselves and that other THING that got them to be the fake ass back stabbin dick/bitch/prick they've become. Some rat motherfuckers dont understand how much shit like that can hurt a person. KEEP IT REAL. The only front you need to put is yourself, be who you are, not what looks appealing to others, because if people are attracted to the same shit that everyone is and does are not real, they just want that dream shit. People just want stay in that fuckin man made box full of dick heads and pussy ass haters who are scared of showing their fuckin true colors and the real shit they are made of. Fuck everybody. I stick out my middle finger out the window, in the car with the real people I love and roll with. People who show me love, I give back with mine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work: Bored.

It has been about 3 weeks since I started working at the hotel, and it has been going great. I have been learning a lot from what goes on in the hotel business, both on and off the floor. But lately I just have been working almost everyday, 40 hours this week and next week, and then after that I go to Vegas again, this time for my Mom's birthday. We'll be staying at the Palazzo, the new hotel from the Venetian owner Sheldon Adelson. So I am pretty excited about that, finally make some real money and spend some at the Hold'em tables in Vegas. Currently, it has been pretty dead on the weekdays, and on the weekends just crazy, because our lounge turns into a small club on Friday's and Saturday's. Its weird though, even on the weekdays, it will be dead one minute, then the next minute it is just crazy. Its like 5 things to do at once, checking guests in, trying to book reservations and sending out faxes at the same time, then sometimes before work around 9 a.m. or after work at 11 p.m., I have a conference meeting. I never expected doing any of this for front desk, but I am not complaining, as busy as it can get and as frustrated I can be sometimes, I am enjoying the experience and happy with what I am learning through out my days at work. Where I spend my mornings and nights 1-2 days a week.