Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Y-3 SLVR V-Neck

Today as I was taking a quick stroll through Santana Row, I decided to check out the Y-3 store (Yohji Yamamoto x Adiddas collaboration project), since I hardly go because everything is flippin expensive. But today was a good day. As soon as I walked in, the store manager asked me "would you like to hear about our 70% sale today?" I did not hesitate for a second, and my immediate answer was yes! Half the store was either 50% or 70% off both men and women. Crazy!
As I walked around I saw a lot of nice sweaters and cardigans, as they always do. But this one definitely caught my eye, especially after I did the math in my head and noticed how much I was could it for, it caught my attention even more, haha! But also I've been trying to look for more jackets and sweaters in different colors other than my usual black ones. This is Y-3's SLVR line, the A100 crew neck in a light chalk color. My first Y-3 purchase, and it was a steal. Some day I will walk in the store and buy almost everything...regular price too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Talk About Swagga.

You know, for a long time I never really gave Shia LeBouf credit, I think mainly because of how I always viewed him from Even Stevens, and I guess I always got the impression that he was a cocky son of beezy, which I also do towards most guys. But lately as Ive been seen him on random interviews and magazine articles, this guy is one suave son of a gun. I found this picture from a random fashion blog of him and Michael Douglas, and I must say, lately I've noticed that Shia LeBouf is someone who has got class, in both style and character. I once saw an interview of his in Korea when he was promoting Transformers 2, and he was nothing but polite and charming to the reporter. (Definitely sounds gay of me right). But I do regret my past views on this guy, he definitely knows how to wear a suit and presents himself well with it, because a suit is not just something you wear, but something that you have to be one with, cannot be a separate thing. I would definitely love to shake this guy's hand and have a Scotch with him. (Nothing gay here). And I'm sure he has great taste in Scotch. .