Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crazy Impreza offset.

I found of this Impreza while browsing Speedhunters. This is one of the craziest wheel set-ups I have seen on an Impreza, looks really good. I always admire simple Imprezas like these, somewhat stock looking yet simple exterior parts. And its white!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Las Vegas again...alone.

Well, it's off to Las Vegas again for another business trip, check up on things, haha. Last time I went was with my parents during the weekend of my birthday. But this time, I am going solo, what was planned out with a few friends turned out to be just me. I guess it will be okay, gives me some time to collect my thoughts, eat buffets and work out. So, I'll be at the bar at the Wynn sitting with a glass of scotch in a black suit, white shirt and with a black tie if anyone is going and wants to join me. Even though I have some time for myself to get things together, this still sucks man! This suppose to be a trip with the buddies, going around, getting wasted, whistling at the hoochies, smoking cigars, whistling at some more hoochies, going to the hotel passing out and the next day we start all over. Oh well.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Yokohama/Advan ADO8.

Yokohama/Advan Tire Co. has finally came out with a new line of the Neova model, the ADO8, replacing the highly rated and most popular Neova ADO7. This new model comes in sizes 15 inch to 19 inch. I personally admire the tread design of this specific Neova, it has more of an aggressive design to it, seems that it will be a good grip tire, I wonder how it will rate as a drift tire.