Monday, November 17, 2008

Bulletproof Automotive R35

Ben Schaffer, CEO/President of Bulletproof Automotive, built a R35 GT-R for Sema, and I must say this is an award winner in my book, and the best car out I have seen compared to many of the other Sema Cars. Lately I have admired the style and tuning concept that Ben is all about, especially for the business part of the automotive industry. He has many connections from the folks in Japan, such as Varis, Advan, Toyo Tires, Mines and especially Top Secret, which they are the main U.S. distributors for the products. Lately he has also put many graphic designs on his car from MS-R (Manabu Suzuki Revolution), a decal graphic designing brand from Manabu Suzuki, Option magazine editor and D1 judge. If I ever became a part of the business field in the automotive tuning industry, I would love to be like Mr. Schaffer.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lost in Reality.

My mind is lost! I am lost! Once again I have lost what I held so close and felt so happy for. Right now I am down to my knees, broken down to almost nothing. My pride still stands, my mind stays strong, but what good is it if my heart is close to empty. I feel so empty. And yet, maybe there is something out there to bring me back. When will it come to pick me up off my knees? A man should stand tall, looking at life with strength in his eyes. A man is told to never cry. But how can you resist such pain. I cried with pain inside, pain from reality. I cried as a man. I broke down because I suddenly felt lost. I lost. I lost because the reality is, the system is never fair. I lost because of how life is never fair. All I can do now is breathe, think, and wonder when it will be fair for me. I wait and wonder when the time will come where I smile for real, like I did before I was lost.

Too Much.

You start out as a person with no care. You show no care for the person you feel intimate towards, and that is a problem. You become a better man as time goes by. You care too much, and that is a problem. You connect with someone, and it is the best thing you have felt. You end up caring. You end up loving. You feel complete inside. You're actions come from what you feel and care about so much. Out of everything you have obtained, it wont last forever, and you know it, you expect it. You are who you are, and that is either never enough or too much. Your heart becomes stronger each moment you spend. Your heart is too strong to the point where you are weak and vulnerable. Your heart brings you down to your knees. You are lost. I am lost. I am on my knees. I am just too much, because my heart is too much.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantam of Solace: Two thumbs up!

Today my Mom and I watched James Bond: Quantam of Solace, and I must say, it is everything I expected, worth getting juiced on. So much action, good story, Daniel Craig is one of the best, he definitely is one of the top 3 best James Bond's, next to Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig was crazy! He was just a stone cold killer. And the new bond girl, Olga Kurylenko is just too beautiful. I give it a 9/10, sooo much aciton, makes it feel short, but there is definitely going to be a third one. All of the James Bond movies were always different stories, but this one is all continuing, good stuff. A must see.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


When you put reality to the side, only thinking about it on your own time, you end up just making reality much harder than it is. Every night is like a reality check, it is like a slap in the face, and once you recieve that slap, you wake up and realize that life is limited to fortunes, but you have unlimited amounts of space for misfortunes. Reality...the reality is that obstacles are a part of life, we all know it, but inside we always ask ourselves "why is my life just full of obstalces, when do I get a break?" "When do I get a break?" "When?" The break I had was absolutely the best, the most comfort I have felt in quite some time. Break...that basically represents temporary time to me. Temporary is what it always is. It would be nice to find permanent, not necessarily permanent, but a long period of time. Time is what is limited, time is what needs to be taken advantage. When you do not take advantage of time, it slips away quickly, does not cooperate well with you. If I had more time and if it was given to me at a better moment, my heart would never have it's empty spaces.

Flower Like Life.

My life, pretty much like everyone else's life, is like a flower. Start with your personality, in general. I was a person who displayed such a cold sense of character, character without care or doubts. I grew as time went by, grew in ways of self-improvements, trying to be a better person for myself and those around me. You grow, and finally after the times you have been through, you come to the point of being prepared to express yourself, with something that almost everyone can appreciate. And when you grab the attention of someone with what you have, you come to the point of perfection. The perfection for me...I found myself at a position of happiness, joy, and most of all...comfort. But do we last long? With what we have, does it last long? If something that brings joy to your life lasts long, we would feel perfect everyday, obstacles would be just a strong gust of cold wind that we would have to hold onto, but in the end, we stand with a smile. But the reality is, is that reality is never fair and is never the right feeling. The reality is, nothing stays beautiful forever, not even life. The reality is, we seem to only be happy or at least satisfied, in a dream world.