Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm in Love.

After watching Inception, I noticed a beautiful woman that played Leonardo DiCaprio's wife, and her name is....Marion Cotillard. Absolutely b-e-a-u-tiful. Even after checking out her Oscar winning role in La Vie en Rose, as French singer Edith Piaf, I fell in love even more with her work, she is by far the best actress in this generation. I've never seen a French woman as beautiful as she is. Her eyes just grabs your attention and just will not let go. When hearing her speak English is absolutely sexy, her accent just does it. And hearing her speak in general is extremely attractive, her voice and her smile combine perfectly together. Just a few words sum it all up: Elegant, gracious, class, beautiful.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Formula D Las Vegas.

Las Vegas 8/2010

Bit of a late post, I just haven't had the time or effort to post up anything lately. But now I feel like posting up pictures of my Vegas trip last week. Drove all the way there with Lam and George, and later on Brian and Kirstin came on Tuesday. In the end, it was chill, didn't do too much clubbing, little shopping here and there and tons of buffets haha. I was just happy to get out of San Jose for a bit, since the summer has been the shittiest of them all. Even though everyone kept reminding me 1 week in Vegas is way too long, I didn't mind. Getting away from reality was a breathe of fresh air. Ready for the open road. Lam's Phone. Our trusty GPS that got us to Vegas in exactly 8 hours. Breakfast. Want some tots? Our G-Ride. Awesome on gas! Ended up in Vegas with a quarter tank left! I drove the first 6 1/2 hours, the longest I ever drove in my life! No stops until here, since I had to drain the weasel. Our first feel of the heat. Super warm! Korean beer in the middle of no where. Making race car engine sounds. Going super duper fast. George's pillow. Finally!!! My home away from home. This was pretty much why I came to Vegas, haha! Kidding. But it was on my mind for quite some time. As well as this place. Tom Ford. #1 suits in the world. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Our view from the room. City Center. 18 year old Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch. Gents. Scotch Ad. "George! This is the good shit!" Day 1. Our first drink for the first day in Vegas. Ready to roll to XS nightclub. The outcome. Two shower heads! One for me, and one for the ladies. As you can see, I was super juiced to see Brian. Pouring out a little liquor for Tupac. Happiest thug life. Flamingo and Koval. Where Tupac got blasted by the mark ass tricks. 20 inch sandwich! Last night in Vegas. Ready to hit up the clubs.