Friday, October 24, 2008

My Debut.

If many of you did not know, I am the new model/Spokesmen for Banana Republic x Fix Gear Biking x National Park Awareness. Just kidding, but I have always been Kenny's model, hahaha!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gangsta BBQ 2008.

Once again, I had another bbq for my birthday, something the guys and I enjoy doing because its a time where everyone can get together again and have a few laughs. I got to the park around 8:30, to get a good spot and hold the fort down, and I did get a good spot! I must say this year was a success, more people came compared to last years, but both were fun. I cant believe I am now 22 years old, at first I felt as if nothing would feel different, but actually, while I was in Las Vegas for the actual date of my birthday, everything did feel different for me. Im starting to grow hair in really weird places now, hahaha! Anyways, this year about 15 people showed up, we had much more food than before but not enough Korean beef (f.y.i, I was on a tight budget.) Richard and I also bought some fresh oysters at the last minute. I also bought some potato salad from Costco, and the whole time I thought no one would eat it, but in the end, it was a big hit, everyone got their hands on some. And of course the weather was perfect, but like always it was very windy. Got lots and lots of pictures since Jeff got all juiced with Kenny's camera. Fun to look at I must say. All of the Gents. Jeff trying to kill Kenny. "Hey muscley arms." Only the good stuff, have to drink it with class of course. Beer! Give me strength! Everyone got all crazy excited when Tina was about to drink, which is actually really CRAZY, but she didnt. And of course, Jeannie would not shut up. Richard and I, doing what we do...being hardcore! Chris, getting all pumped up with testosterone and sausages. Audrey and I, doin our thang doin our thang. Jeff's tattoos, the sparrows represent our love and friendship, hahaha! If you didnt know, I am doing a "Big Brother For the Day" program, and this little guy is my little bro. What a trooper. Thank you Lois for the cake that you were suppose to make but you didnt! Oops, wrong bbq... it is! Updated. After everyone split up around 6, Brian and I went to Hotel De Anza's lounge, and he bought me a birthday drink. Nice and relaxing it was, thanks Brian, real good pal you are. I am definitely going to miss this, the whole day was absolutely perfect, but then I cannot wait for the next one.